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President Thomas S. Monson

President Thomas S. Monson

Basic Facts:
Birth Date August 21, 1927
Birth Location Salt Lake City, Utah
Marriage Date October 7, 1948
Wife's Name Frances Beverly Johnson
Where/How Meet Wife unknown
Number of Children 3 (8 grandchildren)
Graduated from University of Utah (1948), Brigham Young University
Degree in Business Admin (UofU), MBA (BYU), Doctor of Laws (BYU)
Occupation Publishing and Printing
Carrer Accomplishments Executive Deseret News,
Missions Served N/A
Military Services US Navy (WWII)
Called as an Apostle 1963 (at age 36)

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Offical LDS Version

Published Works:

Title Year Buy Book
Faith Rewarded: A Personal Account of Prophetic Promises to the East German Saints 1996
General Conference Addresses::
Date Title Read Listen
2006-April True to the Faith
2006-April Our Sacred Priesthood Trust
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Other Addresses:
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